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About Capone

Capone who is also remembered for his unique style of dress is also planning to launch his own clothing line in the near future. With such a hefty plate, it’s hard to imagine what Capone will most be remembered for -his contribution to the history of comedy or his flourishing businesses. “I want to be remembered as the comedian who handled things his way,” says Capone who also manages to be a doting father despite his dual career. “And as far as my personal contribution, I’d like to touch the lives of people who did not believe in themselves. Everybody has problems that they sometimes can’t control. But after the dark tunnel there’s always light, it’s just how long you’re willing to walk that path.”

It’s obvious that the gangster of comedy has traveled his path and walked toward the light almost stealthily -when the world of comedy lease anticipated his arrival. But he’s here now, sitting stoically upon his comedic throne waiting to tickle the next funny bone.