The L.O.L Comedy Tour Presents: Cocoa Brown
The L.O.L Comedy Tour Presents: Cocoa Brown
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About The L.O.L Comedy Tour Presents: Cocoa Brown
National Comedian CoCoa Brown made her debut as the witty and outspoken “Jennifer” on the November 25th premiere of Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse on TBS. The hit new show drew 3.4 Million viewers for the official launch on Friday night.The all-new comedy, based on Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? movies, focuses on couples at various stages of their relationships and follows the ups and downs of marriage and dating. Brown’s character “Jennifer” is a recently divorced mother that works as a hairstylist in Angela’s (Tasha Smith) salon. Her fierce and fun attitude brings a comic relief to the sitcom that keeps the audience laughing.CoCoa Brown represents today’s quintessential woman. She is funny, witty and grounded. She has a Masters degree in education and personally makes it her business to make you laugh as you are getting ‘schooled” on a variety of topics! With animated facial
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