Devin Henderson's Mind Madness

Devin Henderson's Mind Madness


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About Devin Henderson's Mind Madness

Multi award-winning magician Devin Henderson has been a professional entertainer and speaker for over a decade. He has performed in 25 states and in Canada, and has appeared on numerous local morning shows and television commercials. He is based in Kansas City, where he lives with his amazing wife and four beautiful daughters. Recently, he opened for Sinbad the comedian. Get ready to be lifted up and totally weirded out by Devin Henderson!

Devin delivers a literally unbelievable experience that will make you laugh out loud and at the same time...totally weird you out! You’ll freak when he reveals people’s personal information at random: phone numbers, anniversaries, most embarrassing moments, childhood memories, Social Security numbers or ATM pin numbers! Devin gets no help from “plants” in the crowd or more importantly, supernatural powers. He accomplishes his insanely cool feats by using two primary psychological principles: observation and deception. You have to see it all to believe it...but even then you probably won’t!